Alfamo Cooling Towels for Sports, Fitness, Gym & Yoga (40-Inch)

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Alfamo Cooling Towels for Sports, Fitness, Gym & Yoga (40-Inch)

Alfamo Cooling Towels for Sports, Fitness, Gym & Yoga (40-Inch) Add to cart

Amazon Price: N/A $9.96 You save: $25.03 (72%). (as of December 15, 2016 8:46 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Alfamo cooling towel is a new style of towel which is different from conventional towel. It is simple to clean and wash and due to its exceptional material it has the function of cooling your body rapidly. For the outside worker it is a finest option for them to utilize. Due to the fact that of the high temperature and sun ray, they will injure our skins quickly if there is no cool things to manage the body temperature. As soon as owning this towel, it is simple for the workers to work in a comfortable condition and increase the result of work, it is vertical throughout summer season time. Our Alfamo chill cooling line offers cooling through evaporation to keep you comfortable all day long. This brand-new technology will provide a new experience for our hot summer time. This towel is also ideal for sports and travel usage.

Size:100 * 30 cm


Make you feel cool and comfortable for several hours when you do outside sports, say goodbye to the hot summer
Ideal for all outdoor activities, such as biking, golf, camping, climbing up, fishing, hunting, hiking, Jogging, etc
. Can be likewise used in high temperature work, such as building and construction sites, driving, welding, painting, and various commercial fields.
Can be even used as a first aid application like migraines, fevers, bee stings, sprains, and so on

. Bundle Contains: 1 * Cooling Towel.

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Customer Reviews

Best cooling towel design.

219 people found this helpful.
 on August 31, 2015
By Jim
I have bought other towels at 3 times this price that don’t meet the quality and functionality of the Alfamo towel. All the chilling towels work on evaporative cooling of water. Water must rapidly evaporate to cool. High relative humidity in the air lowers water evaporation rate.

Not a discounted price review

95 people found this helpful.
 on May 16, 2016
By Wings71
Most are reviews based on discounted or free towels which I don’t entirely trust nowadays. I bought three towels, full price, purple, light blue and dark blue. I tried it in 85 degree weather and it does cool wonderfully however for me the towels smelled like paint. I washed them twice in the washer, no help with the smell. Hanging them in the house to dry caused the whole house to smell like paint. What worked was letting dry, then pouring white vinegar into them until each was soaked and setting them on a piece of aluminum foil for the day. Then rinse and wring out in sink and hang up to dry overnight. Repeat this process for a couple days. Some may not be sensitive to chemicals but I am one who is. It is the label that causes the problem and the sticker and glue name label can be scraped off once you let the vinegar loosen the glue, scrape it off while material is still wet. Each towel had a different degree of paint smell, I guessing the longer it was packaged the worst the smell. Even with this I am buying more to gift for the summer because they really do help. I will be soaking them and removing the silver name sticker before I gift them.

Works Great, But You Must "Snap" It Correctly

38 people found this helpful.
 on July 16, 2016
By Pamela J. Peerce Landers
Received an email from the seller offering me this cooling towel at half price, no review required. It has been in the 90’s here with dew points in the high 60’s and only an occasional breeze, in other words: hot and humid. I thought, why not? Anything that could make it more comfortable to work outside in this heat, would be wonderful, especially for $5.

Stays cool, helps reduce hot flashes too!

19 people found this helpful.
 on June 15, 2016
By gnjames
Lightweight and airy. It stayed cool for 5 hours before I had to add water again. Helped with my hot flashes too (just wore it like a scarf all day and it seemed to reduce the intensity of the hot flashes). Love it!

Bought four different ones and here’s how they compare…

9 people found this helpful.
 on July 24, 2016
By Mom of a Sleeping Baby
I bought this towel and three others. So I bought the Chill Pal Ultimate Cooling Towel, Way 2 Cool Mesh Cooling Towel, Way 2 Cool Microfiber Cooling Towel and Alfamo Cooling Towel. I will say that the Way 2 Cool Mesh and the Alfamo Cooling Towel are essentially the same product but with a different logo. They must purchase from the same Chinese distributor and put their own logo on it. Both of these towels were very good. I like the shape – long like a scarf. The material is thin and you can wrap it on your neck without it being bulky and it is long enough to drape over your shoulders and your arms. They are good cooling towels. The Microfiber one was soft but the least effective of the four I bought. It dried the fastest. It was also a bit stiff in that it didn’t drape and touch my skin as consistently as the mesh ones. The Chill Pal was by far the best. It was the coolest of the four, stayed cool/damp the longest and actually can be cut into two pieces. The shape of the Chill Pal is more square than long scarf-ish like the others which is kinda odd (but allows you to cut into two smaller rectangles). You can’t use it like a scarf like the others. The Chill Pal is thick and bulkier to pack than the others so keep that in mind if space is a factor. The Mesh one takes up the least space in your bag. If it is a hot day, any of these would be great but I would put Chill Pal as the coolest but the Mesh ones as most convenient.

Amazing Towel

15 people found this helpful.
 on May 8, 2016
I recently took a trip to Southeast Asia, where the temperatures and humidity were extremely high. Every morning I would get this towel wet, put it in its pouch, and clip it to my belt loop. Within a couple hours, I would need to pull it out, snap it, and wrap it around my neck. It was truly amazing how cooling it was. My fellow travelers were envious, and I know several said they planned to order one. I like that the fabric is so light-weight. I know I will get many years of good use from it.

Good towel to use on a hot & muggy day

47 people found this helpful.
 on September 3, 2015
By Heather A. Stafford
I bought this Soft Breathable Chill Instant Cooling Towel for my mother who enjoys mowing the lawn for exercise. In Atlanta, GA it is awfully hot and muggy this time of year so I thought it would be a good replacement for the hand towel she was wetting and using. She used cold water out of the faucet so it didn’t stay quite as cold as other reviewers had noted, but I believe if she wet it, put it in the freezer for a short time before using it the towel would have stayed colder longer.

Solid, affordable product!

36 people found this helpful.
 on July 22, 2015
By Karissa T.
I’ve been wanting to get some sort of cooling towel or headband for awhile. I recently started exercising and more recently jogging on my lunch break during peak sun hours! I live in the beautiful island of Oahu (Hawaii) so you can imagine how hot it is around noon. I’ve been sweating like crazy and recently saw a commercial about a cooling material that looks like a scarf that can be worn in many different styles but it came with a hefty price tag (~$20). I wanted to try something else that was more affordable before spending $20 on a product that I wasn’t sure was going to really help me. I came across this towel and decided to try it out, here are the pros and cons.

Great product!

8 people found this helpful.
 on June 26, 2016
By Cat
I bought 2 of these. Loved them so then I bought 5 more, some to give to friends. I ride horses in the Palm Springs dessert and it hit 120 degrees here recently so the need to stay cool is imperative ! I also have a Hypercool vest that is a necessity here. These towels are nice and long (others I have used are too short) so you can wrap or use in many different ways. And they do not dry into a stiff board ): so that is great. I also really like the package with the clip great idea

Better for dry heat, but still happy we purchased them

12 people found this helpful.
 on June 16, 2016
By Hughes Family
These work SO well here in my home state where the temperature is a dry heat, but in Florida they did not work as well with all of the moisture in the air. They were helpful on the hot days, but would definitely recommend for those in a dryer climate. Great value for the money.
Alfamo Cooling Towels for Sports, Fitness, Gym & Yoga (40-Inch) Add to cart

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