Bluetooth OBD2

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Bluetooth OBD2

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Amazon Price: $12.59 $14.99 You save: $25.00 (63%). (as of December 22, 2016 3:22 pm – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

1.Any question,please contact us ,we will try our best to help you.
2. NOT compatible with IOS OS-iPhone 6 5s 5c 5 4 iPad Mini 4 3 2,iPod Touch
Product Features:
1.Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific , and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database).
2.Clear trouble codes and turn off the MIL ("Check Engine" light)
3.Set the maximum number of responses to obtain
4.Remove spaces from ECU responses (to speed data transmission)
5.Store a unique identifier in EEPROM
6.Set the CAN mask and filter with one command
7.Easily switch between variable and fixed CAN message lengths
8.Send CAN remote frames (RTRs)
9.Many others…
10.Wireless (Bluetooth) 5~10meters.

Multi-Protocol Support:
SAE J1850 PWM(41.6Kbaud)
SAE J1850 VPW(10.4Kbaud)
ISO9141-2(5 baud init,10.4Kbaud)
ISO14230-4 KWP(5 baud init,10.4 Kbaud)
ISO14230-4 KWP(fast init,10.4 Kbaud)
ISO15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,500 Kbaud)
ISO15765-4 CAN(29bit ID,500 Kbaud)
ISO15765-4 CAN(11bit ID,250 Kbaud)
ISO15765-4 CAN(29bit ID,250 Kbaud)
SAE J1939 CAN(29bit ID,250*Kbaud)

Vehicle Coverage:
Works on all OBD2 Vehicles (1996 onwards in USA) and EOBD vehicles (Petrol cars from 2001 and diesel cars from 2003/2004 in Europe)
For your information:
For your vehicle to be OBD II compliant it must have a 16-pin DLC (Data Link Connector) under the dash and the Vehicle Emission Control Information Label must state that the vehicle is OBD II compliant.

Customer Reviews

Great scan tool from Foseal!

85 people found this helpful.
 on August 25, 2015
By Rama
If bought from Foseal, these work great. There are quite a few manufacturers selling apparently the same Item, but don’t be fooled. I work in the automotive industry and have the opportunity to try this on a wide selection of vehicles both models/years/make. I have had to send back multiple other manufacturers product because they would link to my phone and that is it. I found the electronics to be different. I have dissected a few and came to one conclusion. The scan tools with a SOLDERED on bluetooth board all seem to have the same PC board. These ones function. The ones that dont work have similar internals, but the one difference is the bluetooth board is INTEGRATED. These have an extremely high DOA rate. I searched through seller pictures and found one (sold by and branded ” foseal”) that I could see the bluetooth board soldered on. I purchased 2. Both function perfect even with my scan program set to fastest communication. I have tried these on a 2003 Hyundai Elantra, a 2005 Toyota Tundra, a 2000 BMW 328i, a 1999 Mazda Protege’, a 2005 Chevrolet Suburban, a 2009 Cadillac DTS, a 1998 Honda Civic and a 2010 Toyota Tundra. All had perfect communication and read the VIN# on all vehicles. This was a wide enough range of vehicles to deem this scan tool functional on all vehicles. Thanks for a great product and please click helpful if this was informative!

Works great for my 2006 Prius. Password is 1234, saved me $1800. Fixed the P0420 Catalytic Converter Code.

32 people found this helpful.
 on June 11, 2015
By Reviewer
Okay, definitely a 5 star product but I almost gave it 4 stars because of the horrible manual and the useless, confusing cd with three different pieces of software (can’t figure out which to use). Also, you have to guess at the password, but it’s easy… but they should have given that to you too. But ignore all that… JUST GET the Android software “TORQUE” from your android apps and let’s move on ($5).


16 people found this helpful.
 on July 21, 2015
By Kenneth Ervin
This is a re-review on a OBD2 sensor by Foseal!

Works great for my 2008 Ford Taurus

13 people found this helpful.
 on April 30, 2015
By Ryan Greene
Works great for my 2008 Ford Taurus. It DOES NOT work on my 2003 Ford Escape. I have tried 5 different OBDII apps to try to connect it to the Escape without any luck. Make sure it actually works for your vehicle before purchasing, although it is only $11.

Just buy an app for like $5 (i

7 people found this helpful.
 on April 28, 2015
By snailman153624
Works on ’07 Ford and early 2000’s Mazda. I didn’t bother with the CD that came with it, looks to be full of trojans and pirated software. Just buy an app for like $5 (i.e. Torque Pro) and you’re all set.

This, along with the Carista app for my Android …

2 people found this helpful.
 on April 26, 2016
By MNJetta
This, along with the Carista app for my Android, has allowed me to do some modifications to my 2013 Jetta SEL. These include changing the clock from 12 hour to 24 hour, gauge sweep, and all windows and sunroof open and close with my key fob. And it does diagnostics.

Great unit for the money

5 people found this helpful.
 on May 12, 2015
By Garrett S.
Great product works awesome with Torque
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