Camping Hammock IMISI™[108 inch 55 inch] Portable Parachute Nylon Ultralight Military Grade Portable Comfortable Hammock with Durable Straps for Adventure ,Hiking, Camping, Backyard

Camping Hammock IMISI™[108 inch 55 inch] Portable Parachute Nylon Ultralight Military Grade Portable Comfortable Hammock with Durable Straps for Adventure ,Hiking, Camping, Backyard

Camping Hammock IMISI™[108 inch 55 inch] Portable Parachute Nylon Ultralight Military Grade Portable Comfortable Hammock with Durable Straps for Adventure ,Hiking, Camping, Backyard Add to cart

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This tree hammock is ingeniously manufactured with parachute nylon that is tough for maximum durability;
and lightweight for storage and carrying convenience.
Take it anywhere
The perfect companion to take with you on your next adventure. hammocks are light and compact, durable
enough to go with you anywhere. Hang it up for the perfect lunch spot on your favorite mountain trail
or bring it on a tropical retreat, a hammock is perfect for all situations.
Better than a tent
Less cumbersome than a traditional tent, Hammock frees up your backpack for the essentials – cutting down
the weight. Strong enough to support 450lbs, triple stitched parachute nylon keeps you comfortably suspended.

No more fumbling with poles, stakes and guy-lines setting up your tent. No more uncomfortable nights lying on
the hard ground.

100% Brand new and High Quality.
Includes a FREE pair of heavy duty straps,holding up to 550 lb.
Easy to be cleaned and dry quickly after being wet
Compact design is convenient for light traveling
High quality materials assure maximum safety and durability
Easy to assemble: done in minutes without any tools.
Versatile functions: ideal for hiking, camping, boating, traveling, back-yarding, beach & lake, or just relaxing;
perfect alternative to a tent, sleeping pad, ground mat, swing, cradle, and yoga mat.

Brand Name: IMISI
Main Material: Parachute Nylon Fabric
Product Size: Approx 108 in * 55 in
Package Weight: 1.43 lbs
Package Size: Approx 5.9 in * 7 in * 3.9 in
straps Length: 11.48 ft

Lifetime Guarantee: we offer a lifetime money back guarantee with every purchase!

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Customer Reviews

Breeze In My Hammock

One person found this helpful.
 on September 27, 2016
By CA Cheri
I was pretty eager to receive this hammock. It comes in a pouch with the hammock itself, carabiners and ropes to hang the hammock. The ropes are tied for you and are easy to hook up with the hammock. The problem I have with the ropes are two. One, the ropes are not long enough. You are very limited in the space in which you may hang this hammock… it has to be pretty exact. Number two, the ropes are not tree friendly in my view. Now for the good point, they held me up and I’m not a small girl. I first had to hang this up at my residence in the backyard. I ended up using a set of tree friendly straps that I had so I could hang it between to the trees on my property. It was too far distance for the ropes but the straps it was just fine. The hammock itself worked just fine and I spent a lovely California afternoon swaying in the light breeze contemplating nothing but the breeze itself. The hammock itself was triple stitched at all stress points and looked well-constructed overall. And as I said before, I’m not a small girl and it held me up quite well. The next test was to take it up to the woods. This time I found a spot to hang it with just it’s ropes. And again the hammock itself perform quite well. There’s nothing like a lovely day in the woods, relaxing in one’s hammock. With the hammock itself I cannot find fault. It stuffs into a stuff sack that is sewn onto the hammock so you won’t lose it. The ropes also fit in this stuff sack along with the carabiners. For me, I will also carry a set of straps to go with this hammock. I always have a use for rope and if I forget my extra straps I can still use the rope to hook this hammock up. All in all, it’s a pretty good, decent priced hammock. I have provided been provided this product for free or reduced rate in exchange for my fair and honest review.

Awesome hammock! Lightweight but durable, fast, easy setup! Would purchase another!

One person found this helpful.
 on June 18, 2016
By J & K Smith
My husband and I LOVE to go camping. And we also LOVE to sit in our hammocks in our front yard after our kids go to bed at night. But we only had one hammock, so we were splitting our time. Why don’t we just buy another hammock?? So, we did. We loved the hammock we have, but we saw this one and thought we would give it a try. And boy are we glad we did!

Perfect hammock, soft and light to carry

One person found this helpful.
 on September 15, 2016
By M. Qureshi
I got to use this hammock and I must admit it is pretty neat and well made. I love the material it is made of, it feels very light so you can take it for back packing trips or camping but that does not in any way seem to have compromised the durability of the hammock. It is surely a one person hammock, as in; it barely have room for one person unless you are a skinny person in which case this should be perfect for you. I have not tried to nap or sleep in it but it is pretty darn comfortable and I would have no problem should I choose to nap or sleep in it over night. It comes with two hooks and two ropes to hang it with, the rope are very strong and they can be wrapped around the tree should you choose to open the knots that it comes with, Once you open the knots, the rope is pretty long and can be taken advantage of fully. I like how the back stays attached to the hammock and can be used as a pocket for you to put you belongings into and once you have done using the hammock, you can fold it all back into the bed and be on your way. Definitely a must have if you do not have a hammock

It comes with pretty thin straps that wrap around the tree and loop …

 on August 28, 2016
By julio
Hammock itself seems to be made of decent quality. It is shorter than more expensive hammocks and that creates a problem when you are out camping or somewhere you can’t necessarily find two trees that close. It comes with pretty thin straps that wrap around the tree and loop through. It is not secure. My daughter fell out of it after the strap broke loose. We spent the rest of the camping trip watching her limp around and considered taking her to the ER for a cracked tailbone. Luckily that wasn’t the case and after a might night trip to Walmart for heat wraps and tylenol she recovered. I think it has the potential to be a great hammock if you make a few adjustments. It fits nicely in the bag that is built in the side of the hammock. For the price point I would recommend it but I think I will invest in something a little longer. We camp a lot and never know what will be available as far as trees go.

Where to start with this fantastic product. How about price

 on June 11, 2016
By Logan D
Where to start with this fantastic product. How about price.

Excellent hammock!!

 on June 5, 2016
By Happy Girl in the West
What a great hammock!! I got this as a gift for my daughters boyfriend because he went hammock camping with our family and got HOOKED!! So we decided to get him his own set up of hammock, underquilt, over tarp and everything else!! This is a really nice set because not only does it come with a well constructed and well designed hammock but it also has a set of straps with it and a stuff sack. He was super excited about this gift and can’t wait until the next camping trip to use it. Before giving it to him we inspected it and were super pleased with the construction of this hammock. The seams are well stitched and the fabric, although light weight is extremely strong and durable. It is a double sized hammock which makes for a more comfortable sleeping platform and will hold up to 400 hundred pounds. Although he won’t need that much weight allowance it’s nice to know that it is a well rated hammock. We were able to purchase this camping double hammock for a discounted price in exchange for our honest opinion and ford our unbiased feedback and truthful product review. Comparing this hammock to others that we have I can say that it is every bit as good as ones that were much higher priced. This is a good value for what you get in the package and is sure to provide the user with many enjoyable camping experiences. I also would like to point out that in my opinion everyone that is out hiking or backpacking should allow for and carry with them a hammock for safety reasons. If you ever get lost or have to spend a night out it is a great way to make a “nest” or a safer sleeping platform to get you off the ground and the cold ground. Even if we aren’t planning on using them we all carry a small hammock with our pack just for safety. The shipping on this item was quick and the transaction was easy as can be. I highly recommend this product and this seller. You will not be disappointed with this purchase.

Most comfortable hammock i’ve been in yet

 on June 3, 2016
By Alex
I highly enjoy this product, and the quality seems like it will last. It has a build in bag which is always convenient and the ropes come with knots staggered down the line to allow easy adjustments for even height on either side. The stitching of the two fabrics gives a cradle feel to them which feels very comfortable and i don’t feel like i will fall out. The rope is also pretty thick and i do trust myself at 190 lbs to sit in it no problem. I recommend making sure that the knots are tied correctly and securely and then have at it. The closed carabiners also ensure no falling out of an S hook when swinging. I also do not think this is double sized but i have not put another person in the hammock with myself yet. I have little worry it will hold but it seems silly because the size just wont likely fit 2

Great basic hammock on par with the higher priced name brands.

 on December 17, 2016
By WMoore
My friend had an eno and wanted me to go on a hammock hiking trip with him. I didnt want to spend a lot on my first foray into hammock camping so I purchased this after quite a bit of searching. We tested our gear on a car camping trip and I was very happy with this hammock! On par with my friends. He had a lot of “extras” that he bought separately. I learned quickly that hammock campers like to customize a lot. Before our hiking trip I ditched the carabiners and tie down ropes that came with it and made an awesome ultralight setup with the included ropes that weighed right at a pound. Awesome! One other reviewer commented on the short ropes. The rope is doubled for supporting the weight of 2 or a load closer to the weight limit. I undoubled the rope and can now tie between trees 30 feet apart. And I’m no lightweight, 225 lbs. We hiked 23 miles and camped 3 days. This hammock performed like a champ. Very happy I didnt spend $$$ on a big brand. Feel like I have something that is a part of a more customizable setup. Will buy another one when my wife goes with me on the next trip. Recommended quality product.

Great inexpensive hammock.

 on July 5, 2016
By Lauren80034
I got the IMISI hammock for fathers day this year as a gift from the kids. What a great gift it was. I was surprised as to the high quality material uses for this hammock. It’s a 2 person hammock that holds up to four hundred pounds. Made from military grade parachute material it is very light weight. Making this very easy to pack and take along anywhere you go. Also making it even better as a tag along hammock it fold up and packs nice a snug into a little pouch that is sown in the hammock too. The pouch actually makes a great spot to hold stuff while chilling in the hammock. Even the tree ties fit into the pouch so you are prepared to set up Wethersfield your backpacking, picnicking or just relaxing in the back yard. The tree strap are ok I would recommend different straps though I did find the a little hard to get a good grip and keep the right tension. You can buy flat hammock straps that have multiple fastening positions for a decent price. But the hammock it self is top notch and very comfortable and soft. I mostly use it to take a nap while waiting on my daughter at her dance class. They have a room with four support poles and it’s not unusual to see a hammock hanging there. This is where I learned about the other ties traps since I was struggling with the paracord style ones they provide. I’m sure for most tree or other surfaces it would be ok but I know the flat straps work extremely well. I did receive a discount in exchange for my honest review but the opinions are solely my own.
Camping Hammock IMISI™[108 inch 55 inch] Portable Parachute Nylon Ultralight Military Grade Portable Comfortable Hammock with Durable Straps for Adventure ,Hiking, Camping, Backyard Add to cart

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