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Harris Bed Bug Killer Gallon Spray

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Customer Reviews

Be persistent- This stuff works if used right.

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 on June 24, 2014
By M. Allen
I bought a kit with this gallon bottle, a can of aerosol stuff, some Diatomaceous Earth, and traps, from a popular DIY store website. I also got 6lbs more of the DE, because I already know that stuff works on everything that has an exoskeleton and crawls. So, I tested each product in plastic containers first: DE- flat, unfed bugs regardless of age/life cycle, dead in 24 hours or less, bugs that appear to have fed, 3-5 days. For the Aerosol by this same company- Young bugs, early life cycle tiny and small ones I mean, were killed , but adults, would sit still for a while, then get up and move again. With this gallon stuff, instant fatality. Adults, juveniles, tiny tiny baby ones, all of them. Instant death. I transferred it into another spray bottle using a funnel, and it has been, along with my DE, our front line attack on these bugs. Don’t give up after a week or a month. Be prepared to fight for 3-9 months, as these insects can fit in spaces that a piece of paper can be slid through. I started with the spray, hit every nook, cranny, corner of the house. Look up….they are not just on the floors and baseboards. They will climb the wall and stay up under crown molding, or in the corners of your walls/ceilings. After all the spray is dry, Be diligent with the DE. Use a squeeze bottle with a pointed tip (like those empty ketchup and mustard bottles you can buy for a buck at local big retailers like Walmart) that you can poke under baseboards, then squeeze and puff it in there, leaving a light dusting on anything it comes in contact with. Wear a face mask, because while DE is not harmful in small amounts, you don’t really want to breath in large amounts of this stuff, it can cause health problems. And remember, once DE gets wet, it’s no longer effective. If you have high humidity, vacuum it up once a week and reapply. Don’t listen to all the lore and crap out there…. “they don’t like tile”, or “they don’t like cold”, blah blah blah) They do not care. They will travel up to 300ft for a blood meal, across any surface they can hold onto, can live one year without feeding, they are mostly blind in daylight, and see using infrared for heat, and CO2 to find their food sources at night. Most active between midnight and 5am. They WILL feed on cats and dogs, unlike head lice. They are very persistent. You must be more persistent. Get mattress covers that zip up around the whole mattress. Get one for the boxspring too. Duct tape over the zippers, because the babies can get through them. I sprayed the mattress, and let it dry. Leave those covers on at least 18 months. I puffed in some DE before I taped em up. Double sided very sticky tape for the legs of your bedframe. Vacuum every few days, get your carpets steam cleaned if you can. On furniture, like couches and chairs, remove any covers if possible and wash. unzip couch pillows if possible, puff that DE in there. Pull cushions off couches, vacuum the whole thing, and puff that DE in there (I actually cut a little slit in the material that goes into the open area of the inside of my couch on the bottom and puffed that stuff in like crazy to coat the whole inside). Launder any curtains, laundry, coats, blankets, sheets, etc in hot water/hot dryer at least 40min. Even the ones you think haven’t been exposed. Everything. Use this spray on any live bugs you encounter. Good Luck.


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 on October 25, 2013
By rhonda b.
This item did the trick!! Cant speak for no one but me. These sickening critters was in every room of my home biting every family member.

This spray works

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 on October 3, 2013
By Jane D.
My home became infected with bedbugs. I ordered the Harris Bed Bug Spray along with Diatomaceous Earth. I sprayed bed the frame, mattress, dresser drawers around doors, door frame and everywhere I could spray and at the same time I sprinkled the Diatomaceous Earth on all floors and waited 2 weeks and sprayed again. You can clean up the Diatomaceous Earth within three days. I sprinkled Diatomaceous Earth on floors, counter tops, on books, in dresser drawers, you can even place clothing in plastic bags and sprinkle it into the bag onto the clothing and leave for 3 days. Be sure and let the Diatomaceous Earth stay down for 3 days. When dealing with bedbugs you have to kill the bug and the eggs. The eggs can lay around for months until there is warmth, then they will hatch. It’s not the bug that’s transported into your home, its the eggs. You can pick up bed bug eggs simply by sitting on the train, bus, car or chair or behind someone who has bedbugs in their home. I have heard exterminators say they found bedbugs in their vehicles after treating customers home. The eggs are the culprit because they can be transported undetected to your home or elsewhere on your clothing. Nonetheless, the Harris Bed Bug Spray and the Diatomaceous Earth resolved my bed bug problem. Thanks soooo much. I recommend this product to anyone with a bed bugs. Just remember, you have to be smarter than a bed bug, (and persistent).

Would recommend this product to everyone it really works

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 on June 6, 2016
By david lewis
I been fighting these bedbugs for over a year.

Highly recommended!

18 people found this helpful.
 on February 25, 2016
By Rob Jones
Doesn’t wipe ’em out overnight, but it DOES wipe ’em out! Regular treatments as per the directions and some diatomaceous earth banished the nefarious creatures from my living spaces. Be persistent! I haven’t seen any or been bitten for months! Saved me literally thousands in exterminator fees. Highly recommended!

This is Honestly the Best you can Buy along with the Huge Bottle of …

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 on October 7, 2015
By Michelle Moore
This is Honestly the Best you can Buy along with the Huge Bottle of powder…you get your money’s worth! You have to be adamant about your Battle on Bugs..When you are close to running out order more! A great trick we done is to put the a Powder all over mattress and Box spring then zip your mattress covers up around it! The mattress covers I bought on amazon were the best I’ve ever used! They were not just plastic but a thick material and we were still Gentle putting them on but they have never ripped! You can look on my profile to find the mattress covers I bought. Good luck with the Bug Battle

excellent, single purchase spray!

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 on August 11, 2016
By Sara E. Brenton
I love this spray!!! I ended up not having bed bugs, but thought I did. Then, after treating my house, my mom got them, so I brought this to her house and treated her place thoroughly. We have not seen any signs of bed bugs since treating the house, which put her mind at ease so much! I would buy this again, but there are no bugs left to kill! It just works so well!

… she found dead bugs after using Harrison I would recommend this over anything we have tried a lot of …

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 on September 10, 2016
By Jessica
My mom had an infestation she purchased this and De earth and it works she found dead bugs after using Harrison I would recommend this over anything we have tried a lot of stuff nothing worked but this only bad thing about this is you have to make sure the nozzle is closed when your done spraying she put it down and walked away came back and it had sprayed out all over the place other then that it works

This stuff really works!

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 on September 18, 2013
By Michelle R Davila
We stayed in a hotel this summer & brought home some unwelcomed visitors! This stuff helped get rid of those pesky bedbugs!

bed bugs are now dead bugs

9 people found this helpful.
 on August 8, 2012
By Noke
This product works really really well, I was tired of gettin bitten up and this stuff really works. I caught a live one and just sprayed it, dead. Just like that, I sprayed around the house and so far, no bites 🙂
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