MnM-Home Easy Carry Insulated 6 Can Tube / Sleeve Cooler, with Shoulder Strap. Orange

MnM-Home Easy Carry Insulated 6 Can Tube / Sleeve Cooler, with Shoulder Strap. Orange

MnM-Home Easy Carry Insulated 6 Can Tube / Sleeve Cooler, with Shoulder Strap. Orange Add to cart

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Trying to find your hiking camping or outside gears?

This MnM-Home cooler is then a most for you, it is made with comfort and style, it is made as a compact
cooler instead of having to take a large cooler box rather take your can's in this cooler, and you will
have ice cold beverages for approximately 4 hours, it is easy to carry with the shoulder strap,

Quality made.

External made from %100 polyester, Liner made of PEVA. Wipeable with soap and water,

Still believing?

No problem. We are so confident you will certainly enjoy it. If in any case you are not pleased you can
quickly return it.

Rush while supply last!!

Customer Reviews

Great way to carry 6 cans with you. The weight is nicely distributed as to not cause fatigue. Pocket is nice to carry keys.

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 on June 10, 2016
By A mom with Prime
This is a nice cooler which can hold 6 standard sized cans. They of course stack one on top of the other when in the tube. There is a zipper at the top which is where cans or inserted and removed. The outside material is a washable nylon type of material which can be easily cleaned. The zipper seems solid and moves easily. It only goes in one direction. Since cans exterior are moist you need to push them down with the next can when inserting the next can. When you take them out you can reach the first two with your hand. Then you do need to flip over the cooler and shake slightly to get the rest out. What I expected. This is easier way to carry 6 cans as the weight is distributed well. Much easier to carry then a traditional cooler. I tried it on a outing and it did keep things cold for the 3 hours I used it. I do not see a way to add a nice pack so can do not get any colder then you started with. They say the fabric is washable. I wouldn’t run through the washing machine or anything but with a damp cloth I think all parts can be wiped down easily enough. Great for golf or taking on walks. The strap makes it easy to put over the shoulder. Does not get heavy or hurt the hands like traditional coolers. Glad it is safe by being BPS, lead & phalates free. I am not an Amazon company affiliate. I am an Amazon Prime customer that enjoys writing reviews as a hobby. I received this product at a promotional price or free. If my review has helped you, please thumbs up so I can continue to provide helpful information for your purchasing. If you have any questions or comments, please comment or message and I will be glad to help!


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 on June 4, 2016
By Kin Kong
I received the item at a discount or free in exchange for an honest review and comments.

Great ans convenient

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 on June 6, 2016
By Jessica B.
I purchased this for my father because he is always drinking canned drinks. When he goes to work be takes a cooler, and when he comes to the kids ball games he also brings a cooler. I bought this for him so that it would be easier for him to carry his drinks. It came packaged nicely and on time. This is made well and I believe will last a long time. It also has a little pocket on the front which is nice. This is much easier to carry over the shoulder than having to carry a cooler around. The drinks will also stay cold as long as they were put in there already cold. The only draw back is if you have different kinds and you want one that is on the bottom, then you will have to take them all out to get to that one. This hasn’t been an issue with us, but it’s a potential one I guess. So overall I am very happy with this purchase and recommend it highly! I was able to purchase this at a discount in exchange for my review, but that has not affected my opinion of this cooler. I would purchase again at full price.

Great cooler for a 6 pack!

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 on June 21, 2016
By Jessica
The insulated can cooler came in handy when taking beer and other beverages to the softball field. It kept them cold without having to carry around a large cooler when only a few cans were going to be drank. It is perfect for many cases when a large cooler is not appropriate or needed to keep 6 cans cold. In my case glass bottles are prohibited but cans are allowed. A six pack is more than enough but finding and carrying only a few can me more difficult than the handy 6 pack of bottles. I used it a few times with a variety of It fit a bottled water, powerade, and a couple beer cans. The side pocket has a zipper pouch that I could fit my iPhone 5s and keys in. I had used a carbineer and clipped it to the chain link fence. Worked great and easy to carry and use! When carrying it almost looked like a pool stick holder. I didn’t add any photos because it arrived exactly as pictured. The beverage sleeve was insulated and lightweight. I was only out there for a few hours but in that time it kept them cold. I received this cooler at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. This would make a fun gift for anyone on the go!

Great for camping and the lake

 on June 9, 2016
By jkbtf
This is awesome for camping! We tent camp, keep our food cold in a cooler, and we like to keep canned drinks in the ice to take with us to the lake, which is about a quarter mile away at our favorite campground. The kids like to swim, so I load up the cold canned drinks in this sleeve and take it with us. It’s so much easier than having to tote a small cooler with ice packs. The store at the lake charges too much for cold drinks, so this is how we get to enjoy the lake without spending too much.
MnM-Home Easy Carry Insulated 6 Can Tube / Sleeve Cooler, with Shoulder Strap. Orange Add to cart

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