Paracord Planet Mil-Spec Commercial Grade 550lb Type III Nylon Paracord

  • Paracord Planet MIL-SPEC PARACORD
  • Paracord Planet Mil Spec Commercial Grade 550lb Type III Nylon Paracord
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Paracord Planet Mil-Spec Commercial Grade 550lb Type III Nylon Paracord

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An ideal all-around utility cord in the field, the type III commercial paracord is tough and long lasting. The cord is made of 550-pound test nylon and features a seven-strand core for maximum strength. Measuring 5/32 inches in diameter, the paracord is manufactured in the United States. This paracord is available in a variety of lengths and colors.

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Customer Reviews

Next to Mil-Spec

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 on May 1, 2013
By Stretch
Don’t be mislead. This is infact great cord but it is slightly less quality then milspec. The inner cords are 2 strand woven and not 3. The inner cords when separated do begin to fray. Realistically it is a step down from the real deal but still fully capable for use making snares or fishing line. I would not expect it to work well if the inner cords where separated to sew for instance. I will be ordering more colors though since it is such a great alternative.

Great Cord!

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 on March 6, 2015
By Tysen Hill
This cord Is amazing. great price. Love the dark blue Color. I used it in midnight blue and Black for a Heat shrinkless PSU sleeving job and it turned out Excellent! not quiet the use others are using this cord for but I bought 100 feet total so i’m sure there are lots of other uses I can find.

It’s okay to say I "love" rope right?

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 on March 23, 2016
By HI and Lo
I guess it’s weird to say “I love it” over what is basically some rope. But what rope it is! Paracord is a modern day miracle in terms of it’s usefulness and I have a giant 1000ft spool in my garage. Recently I started playing around with making different types of weaves and knots for lanyards on things like knives, machetes, etc.. so I started ordering some “fancy” colors just to break up the monotony. The seller got my order here extremely quickly and it was just as advertised in the photos. The ends were not frayed but melted together, and the cuts look good enough that they probably have a line cutter that just melts through the line and cuts and seals it in one go. Others have complained about internal knots and fraying and getting less than the ordered length but I didn’t experience any of that. Now, I’m not a paracord expert but based on what I know this particular designation is supposed to have 7 internal nylon strands and low and behold when I cut a length of the mainline….7 internal strands (see photo)! As for what these strands look like, to me it looks like two smaller strands woven together whether or not that has anything to do with the Type III designation I don’t know. I also haven’t stress tested these in terms of weight, and I don’t know what the 550lb designation really means but I suspect it’s what is referred to as “static” load rather than a “dynamic” load. Basically just weight being held up versus swinging around etc. Regardless, this stuff is more than plenty strong for what I do with it. Usually I use it for putting up tarps, camping, lashing things to the roof of my car (X-mas trees, furniture heading to goodwill, etc..) and I have the utmost confidence in this stuff, it’s tough as nails. Also have been getting decorative with my knives so you can see the included photo of a lanyard I made with the “orange” color and some of the neon yellow spool I have in my garage. I will say that the color is a bit darker than in the photo but that’s probably just a variance in exposures of the photo. Overall great product.

great paracord!

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 on December 21, 2013
By Lothos
I was nervous ordering paracord off of Amazon, because I’d seen reviews of bad quality paracord that was flat, had internal knots, or only had 5 strands, or the color was faded, etc.

Get some, it is always useful!

One person found this helpful.
 on August 29, 2016
By Paul Rustic
I love paracord. I have always kept a stash of it since I was in the military. It has come in handy in so many ways. I have used it as a dog leash, I have made a dog run out of it. I use it as boot laces. I have made handles for multiple things with it.
Paracord Planet Mil-Spec Commercial Grade 550lb Type III Nylon Paracord Add to cart

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