SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter

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  • SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter
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SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter
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Amazon Price: $8.03 (as of September 4, 2016 6:59 am – Details). Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on the Amazon site at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

The Survivor Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife (model HK-106320) features a black tanto blade and a 2-tone green cord-wrapped handle, with a 7-inch overall length. Ideal for camping explorations and survival training, this Survivor complete tang knife features a 3-inch, 4mm black stainless steel tanto blade. The cable covered manage gives you remarkable grip in even the wettest of conditions, while also supplying easily unwrapped rope when needed in a pinch. The ranginged from magnesium alloy fire starter allows you to easily begin a fire in no time. This knife comes complete with a nylon sheath for easy and safe bring. Tailored towards outdoor activity, Survivor provides a wide variety of traditional survival knives and rugged set blade knives.

Customer Reviews

Inexpensive, fun little project …

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 on May 21, 2012
By Morgan C. Valley
I read a bunch of reviews on this inexpensive (cheap!) piece of Chinese iron before dropping the whopping six bucks for it. I knew what to expect and I surely didn’t need another knife. However, I thought it would make for a fun project … and it certainly did. I modified the package as follows: (See my customer images as well)

If you know anything about knives buy it.

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 on July 6, 2009
By Kevin O’brien
ok a few things, first this is a full tang knife, and it comes with a fire starter. yes it comes blunter than a butter knife, and yes the rope grip is incredibly uncomfortable. BUT, the hilt has holes with makes re-wrapping the handle with some rope or para-cord very easy, once re-wrapped the handle is comfortable, also the steel is decent quality, so with a little sharpening the knife becomes very usable. bottom line 7$ and 10 minuets of your time and you have yourself a decent knife.

Great fire starter with free knife attached.

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 on March 21, 2010
By David Clark
Let me make a few assumptions if you are considering buying this knife. 1) You are not planning on buying a $200 Gerber. 2) You do not consider yourself a survivalist but you do DVR Man Vs Wild. 3) You’re buying as a gift for someone who DVRs Man Vs Wild. 4) In all honesty the biggest thing you have ever needed a “survival” knife for while camping is to Rambo open a bag of chips.

Worth the price! Fun knife!

57 people found this helpful.
 on November 15, 2011
By coggins
If I paid a lot of money for this knife it would have a lower review. But I am rating this with the perspective of the price. It is a fun knife. I have been rough on it. I throw it at things in the ground. I have used it to split wood for a fire and started the fire with the striker! I tore the paracord that was on it smacking the butt of the knife with a rock while splitting the wood but I would recommend re-wrapping it with 550 cord anyway.

People need to get a grip

169 people found this helpful.
 on March 10, 2012
By mezo72
I read reviews for this knife before buying it, and I was quite surprised at some reviews. I paid like 7 bucks for this, and I added a couple onto an order I already placed, so I didn’t even pay shipping from Amazon. I think it is pretty awesome for the price. The fire starter is ok, the blade was somewhat sharp, and thick steel. Now I know that the sheath sucks, the cordage is crappy, and the thing is no Rambo knife. I have to go back to the fact it only cost 7 bucks! A sharpener and some 550 cord and you are set. What are all the brokenhearted reviews about? I have knives I paid 20-30 dollars for that are nowhere near as good as this thing. I have some very expensive knives that I am scared to really use because I don’t want to damage them. Not the case here. I can pry things, throw it at a tree when I get bored, and use it for just about anything without worry, because it cost me 7 dollars. If I break it or lose it, I will just add another one onto my next Amazon order. So, if you are debating this knife because of reviews on here, let not your heart be troubled. It is a good buy, and you won’t be sorry unless you are expecting 100 dollar quality. Then you will end up writing a review that makes people think “what’s wrong with this guy?”.

A Nice Suprise

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 on May 11, 2010
By Jeffrey
I only really bought this survival knife for the firesteel. I just thought of the knife being a nice bonus, but it turned out to be a nice surprise. Larger than I thought, more comfortable than I thought (reviews here don’t like the corded grip, however, I found it comfortable enough), and significantly better steel than I thought. Sharpens very well, seems to hold and edge, and because it’s so cheap I “tested” it by cutting up several large cardboard boxes thoroughly and completely through a mop handle. Nice.


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 on December 3, 2010
I saw this little knife a figured that for around $8 delivered, what do I have to lose. I was pleased when it arrived. It came surprisingly sharp and has good weight. Even though I have large hands, the knife fits well in my hand. I can get a firm grip, and I can manipulate it easily. The serrations on the spine work well as a thumb hold.

Is what it is

13 people found this helpful.
 on March 16, 2013
By Shawn P. Gordy
Don’t expect a razor sharp hunting knife for under $7.00. All you people complaining about this knife seem to be forgettin something. You paid seven dollars for it…. Yes, the knife is a bit dull. No, it won’t hold an edge very well. But if you treat it like a seven dollar knife you’ll be a lot happier. I use this knife for things I wouldn’t dare use my KA-BAR for. I’ve used it as a tent stake. I’ve used it as a flat head screwdriver when in a pinch. Bottom line, go beat the hell out of it and get your seven bucks out of it and be happy.
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